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Because It's Spring

There's something magical about Springtime. Jonquils pushing their way through the moist soil, eager to display their beauty to the world. Robins returning from wherever they've been, tirelessly looking for twigs and bits of straw to intricately construct their nests and prepare for motherhood. Grass transforming from its dormant, brown hue to lovely, enticing shades of green. Showers gently refreshing the earth, intermittently playing tag with the sunshine. The first clap of thunder on a cloudy afternoon, as if on some divine schedule. Spring is synonymous with hope. It somehow reminds us that we can face anything, as long as there's hope.

I suppose there's something about every season that captivates me, but there's something extra-special about Spring. It's all about new beginnings. It teases you, approaching gradually, but never in a hurry, sullying along on its own schedule, in its own way and time, as if with a wink and a smile...and then one day you suddenly realize it's arrived! The harshness of winter has succumbed; the barrenness is over. Warmth has registered a resurrection! It's a new day.

Spring's truly a gift, as are nearly all new beginnings. They're most appreciated when the winter of life has been harsh and cruel; when the contrast between pain and peace has been quite pronounced. We never wholly appreciate new beginnings until we've been sufficiently brutalized by the sameness and lameness of where we used to be; till we've felt incessant desperation and hopelessness--those wet blankets over the soul.

But change comes! It was always available, always listed there on God's menu; we're just reluctant to "order" it. We tend to be more comfortable with things we've tasted before, even though we're not particularly enticed by the flavor or satisfied with the portions. But there comes a time to let go, to branch out; to embrace new things. The past---which seemed like a great friend--has become distant and different. It doesn't understand us doesn't fulfill us or quicken our hearts. It's winter.

So we grab God's hand and walk together toward brighter sunshine and longer days. The journey teases us; sometimes it's two steps forward and three steps back; but somehow we know it's better; somehow hope starts pushing its way through the soil of our soul and life springs forth...hope wanting to display her beauty...wanting to bless us with something fresh.

And then, sometimes suddenly, everything's different. We find ourselves in a new season. The barrenness of the past has given way to green. The chill of fear has given way to quiet confidence. The brutal winds of pain have yielded to the gentle breezes of healing...and we realize...we're in a different place, a better place, a more joyful place of growth, opportunity and anticipation.

But we're not alone. We have this unseen Friend, presence healing, love revealing, who walks alongside us. And somewhere, sometimes, like two lovers traipsing along a beach at sunset, we take His hand, and in that moment--we feel secure again. We believe in rainbows again and we KNOW He's there. It's spring in our hearts all over again. Like a busy robin, we've captured the magic (and the challenge) of starting afresh. It overwhelms us...yet we smile or sing. Perhaps we venture a wink at God...and He winks back. And somehow, we know we're gonna be okay, because things are different now, because it's a new season, because it's Spring, dear friend... because it's Spring.

#Hope #NewBeginnings

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