​ What Would You Ask For?

If God were to call you on your cell tonight and say, "I’ve been watching your life, and I want to bless you. You can have anything you want. Name it. It’s yours." What would you ask for?

Someone in the Old Testament was given that opportunity. A guy named Solomon, the son of David and third King of Israel. Guess what he chose? Wisdom. A discerning heart. You can read about in 1 Kings 3.

I think it was a wise choice, no pun intended. You may have five university degrees and still not know how to make sense of anything. Just watch the talk shows and pundits on cable news. Intellect does not necessarily make one wise.

So what does? Permit me to offer a few suggestions:

  • Listening. It seems to be a lost art today. Most people can't listen to someone they disagree with for more than thirty seconds without interrupting.

Think about this: we don’t learn when we’re talking. We only learn

when we’re listening. Wisdom is the reward you get for lots of listening when you would’ve preferred to talk.

  • Patience. Wisdom waits. It ponders, reflects...sees big-picture stuff. It observes everything, overlooks a lot, and corrects a little. I’ve never known a wise person who was overly-impulsive. Not one.

  • ​Integrity. Integrity is what you are when no one else is looking. That simple. That profound. It’s manifested best in small things. Do you keep commitments? Pay your bills? Are you trustworthy? If others were just like you, would you respect them?

  • Truth. Wisdom isn't the accumulation of knowledge. It’s not a skill we can develop, but rather it’s seeing and responding to life from God’s perspective. Wisdom is the ability to apply God's truth to everyday life...routine life decisions.

In Proverbs 3:16-18 there are six, stated benefits of wisdom: long life, wealth, honor, pleasure, security and happiness. A wise person, of course, will not take those as absolutes, nor will he/she interpret them solely in the context of our 21st century materialistic society.

But it’s true, isn’t it, that wise people tend to handle stress well (long life), tend to manage money well (wealth), are respectable (honor), enjoy little blessings (pleasure), don’t fret too much about the future (security) and see lots of things to be thankful for (happiness).

Well, if God were to hit you up on your phone tonight and say, "I’ve been watching your life and I want to bless you. You can have anything you want. Name it. It’s yours," what would you ask for?

Hey, choose wisdom...whether He calls or not.


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