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When You Feel Like Quitting

I once read about a bus (and driver) from a NYC transit company which went missing. After a week of searching, they located the driver and vehicle at a Miami beachfront hotel. Apparently the driver just took off! “I’d had it with cold weather, my life was in shambles, and one day when the last passenger stepped off, I just took off driving and ended up here,” he said.

Ever feel that way? “What if I just quit, checked out of the marriage, job and responsibilities and headed West, became a cowboy and lived off the land? Perhaps you remember the movie, “City Slickers” back in the 90s. The plot was very similar.

Despite the many pressures we all experience, the best course of action is to persevere. Jesus talked about "keeping our hand to the plow." Paul talked about "pressing on toward the goal; winning the prize." Paul became one of the most influential church leaders in human history and much of his success had to do with his resilience. He said, “We get knocked down, but we’re not destroyed,” (1 Cor. 4:9). He had an uncanny ability to bounce back in the most adverse situations. “We don’t lose heart.” (1 Corinthians 4:16).

Perhaps the greatest running back in NFL history was Walter Payton, who played for the Chicago Bears. In his amazing career he accumulated over nine miles of rushing yardage, despite being knocked down every 4.6 yards! Payton, like Paul, was resilient. Both men refused to let circumstances crush their spirit. Both men had bruises...but God has a way of using our bruises to make us stronger. Adversity introduces us to ourselves and reveals our true potential.

Are you facing something in your life today that makes you feel like quitting? Friend, I encourage you to stay in the game. Fight one more round. Run one more lap. You know why? Because you can’t win if you quit. Think about that, then keep going. Your circumstances may not change, but you will. And that’s worth the struggle.

I promise.

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