I Like Roller Coasters, but Don't Enjoy Living Like One

Soon the searing rays of the summer sun will surrender to moderating fall breezes. A lovely canvas of brown, orange and yellow will spread itself across the ground beneath trees gone bare. Come October, frost will creep in, followed by the icy blasts of winter. We'll lament over the shorter days and colder nights, but alas, spring will eventually chase it all away by Easter! This is life in good ole' Kentucky. And guess what? It's also life in general. Like the seasons, life is changeable, sometimes suddenly. Some days are as lovely as a fragile yellow tulip on a spring morning; others are like an ice storm in mid-January. Try as we may, we cannot avoid changeable seasons, nor can we avoid seasons of the soul, which is why I'm a big fan of "normal."

We don't embrace normal very well. The media and advertising industry tell us that it's enemy of things spectacular, invigorating and exhilarating. Not true at all. All seasons are basically what we make them, including the seasons of life.

I like roller coasters, but I don't enjoy living like one. I like normal sharing simple moments with friends and loved ones, exchanging smiles, listening empathetically, giving hugs and high fives, clapping and cheering over someone's good news.

Friend, that's real life. Everything else is temporary, illusory, like a mirage we never catch. I'll take normal and its reward...contentment. It gives us roots, makes us strong, deep and whole. Life's a lot like fireworks...sometimes thunderous and spectacular, but after the grand finale, I enjoy going back inside, brewing a cup of coffee or tea, petting the dog, tucking in the kids, propping up my feet and watching the late news.

I put my grandson to bed last night. He asked me to tell him a story about "Benny the Bumble Bee," one of many stories I routinely make up as part of our bedtime routine. When the story ended, he leaned over in the dark and kissed me on the cheek. Is there a price tag big enough to reflect the value of that? I think not.

So enjoy today, friend, and all the moments it provides, because normal faith for normal days...well, it's a gift. It's a great way to live, a wonderful place to hang out. Slow down and explore it. Let normal become the norm.

#normaldays #thegoodlife #contentment

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