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Mary, Did You Know?

We’re not told much about Mary in the scriptures. We don’t know who her

parents were, or if she had siblings. We know she had a cousin named

Elizabeth, the mother of John the Baptist. We know she was born in Nazareth

in Galilee. Beyond that we know very little, other than that she was a virgin

who supernaturally became pregnant as a young teenager.

I wonder what she thought? I wonder what she said and did in those days

before and after the angel Gabriel appeared and told her what would

happen; what was coming.

I wonder if her parents doubted her.

I wonder if her dad stopped speaking to her.

I wonder who she told.

I wonder how she contained her fear.

I wonder how her first conversation went with Joseph.

I wonder if he was angry; or even unkind.

I wonder if she ever thought about running away.

I wonder if she had a "best-friend-forever" who turned against her.

I wonder how many people ridiculed her and scorned her.

I wonder if she ever cried herself to sleep at night.

I wonder if she had anyone to talk to other than Joseph and Elizabeth.

I wonder if she told others the story about the angel appearing, or kept it to herself.

When Joseph told her he'd need to take her to Bethlehem...

I wonder if she felt well.

I wonder if she said, “Isn't there some other option?”

I wonder if she was afraid she’d deliver before they got there.

I wonder if anyone other than Joseph encouraged her.

I wonder if she was cold.

I wonder if she was uncertain about how to pray.

I wonder if she ever thought, “This whole thing’s a nightmare.”

When they arrived at the inn and Joseph heard the news, “No room here.”...

I wonder if she said, “I just can’t have my baby in a barn...amidst animals.”

I wonder if she felt panicked.

I wonder if Joseph had to hold her for a long time.

I wonder if he was afraid.

I wonder if they felt desperate.

I wonder how it felt to lay on the cold, damp ground and go into labor.

I wonder if she whimpered from the pain.

I wonder if she screamed.

I wonder if she worried that there was no one to help.

I wonder if she wished her mom were there.

I wonder how she felt as God began His journey through her birth canal.

I wonder what she said as His body made its way into time and space.

I wonder if she feared that something would harm her son.

I wonder how it felt to place Him in an animal feeding feel His

tiny hand grasp her finger…to look at God’s chubby cheeks…to hear Him

cry…to be the first to look into the Creator's eyes…to stroke His forehead…

to calm His beating heart with a mother’s embrace. Father, sometimes I

wonder about Mary. I thank You for her. I thank you for her faith.

And...Father…I thank You for her Baby. He changed my life.

#christmas #holidays

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