How to Arm Teachers

Some politicians, including our President, are talking about providing firearms for teachers to protect against "active shooters." Here are some suggestions for "arming" teachers:

1. Give them supervisors who know something about teaching. Fire supervisors who don't. 2. Encourage them regularly for doing one of the most important jobs in the world. 3. Increase their salaries. Protect their fringe benefits. Don't elect (or re-elect) public officials who are insensitive to the needs of our teachers. 4. Provide them more funds to buy instructional supplies. Most teachers spend 500 dollars per year or more, out of their own pockets, for one reason: they need more than what most schools provide to be successful. 5. Give ALL proceeds from lottery ticket sales to Teacher Retirement Plans. 6. Give them more access to quality technology. 7. Parents, have your children write them notes of appreciation. 8. Parents, you write them notes of appreciation. 9. Never wait till Teacher Appreciation Days to praise a teacher. 10. Volunteer to help out in their classes. 11. Give them gift cards for gas, food, Office Max, or Target (all teachers love Target!) 12. Believe what they tell you about your children. They have no incentive to lie. Nothing is more unhelpful than an uninformed, angry, helicopter parent. 13. Give them more resources for kids with special needs. 14. Provide more mentoring for beginning teachers. 15. Hire principals who are accessible and have their teachers' backs. Fire principals who don't. 16. Pray for teachers. 17. Don't give them guns. Give them financial and emotional help, appreciation...and a lot of love. They are America's finest.

Most of us are halfway intelligent about one thing, or a number of things, for one reason: we had one or more teachers who were really good at his/her job. Of the eight adults who have most impacted my life, five of them were teachers. Be grateful for them. No one gets paid less for doing more. No one.

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