How To Learn Self-Control

Someone recently asked me for some advice on ways to learn self-control. Here are twenty things that came to mind. What would you add?

1. Stay away from places, people, and things that tempt you.

2. Choose humility in all situations and interactions.

3. Speak life words, not death words.

4. Carry money without spending it.

5. Be intentional about integrity.

5. Save vigorously, give generously

7. Think before you speak.

8. Resist the urge to impress people.

9. Try to understand opposing viewpoints.

10. Always assume you know less than you think you do.

11. Set realistic goals and measure your progress.

12. Ask someone to hold you accountable for your behavior and decisions.

13. Ask for God's help daily.

14. Have an exercise plan and stick to it.

15. Allow yourself plenty of time to make important decisions.

16. Routinely seek wise advice.

17. Be brutally honest about your weaknesses.

18. Practice solitude and stillness regularly.

19. Eat healthy foods.

20. Use positive self-talk. You, my friend, are a child of God.

My friend said, "This is a lot of work." I said, "Being in control of your life always is. No one can or will do the things that matter for you. Just pick one month and start today. In three months you'll believe in yourself. In six months you'll have more confidence. In a year-and-a-half, your life will be dramatically different. I promise."

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