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Can't remember if I posted this before, but these are notes I ran across today from a team meeting I had some time ago about criticism. Hope it's helpful.

1. Expect criticism, especially in today's culture. People have a heightened sense of critique about everything. 2. Don't react in the moment. Give it some time. Especially don't react when you're tired. 3. Honest disagreement is okay, even necessary sometimes, but be civil. 4. Learn from any truth that's accurate in the criticism. 5. Ask someone else to talk it through with you. Allow them to read the letter, email, etc. Sometimes fresh eyes bring perspective that we've missed. 6. Don't compare yourself with anyone, nor accept others' attempts to compare you to someone else. Be you. Be the best version of you, you can be. 7. There are occasions when silence is the best response. Jesus modeled this. 8. Don't let criticism affect how you write or speak your message. 9. Don't let it hold you hostage. Ask God to help you forgive and forget. 10. Edit thoroughly on the front end. This will help eliminate things in your message that might potentially bring unnecessary criticism. 11. Pray for God's strength to endure criticism, and to prevent it in your own life. 12. Understand that some people aren't teachable. Don't expend your best energy trying to change them. 13. Realize that some people are just mean. Don't let them cause you to be mean. 14. Don't respond to criticism on social media. Too many people can misunderstand you. It's a never-ending process; a bottomless pit. 15. Where possible, always seek to meet with a critic personally and privately. I always ask for a face-to-face meeting when I've received criticism in writing. 16. Control what you can control. We can't control whether or not people will agree with us. Concentrate on what you can control. 17. Always be kinder than is necessary. Anger is hardly ever productive. 18. Seek first to understand, before seeking to be understood. 19. Choose words carefully. They have the power of life or death. 20. When someone comes to you with second-hand information about something a critic said about you, say kind things about your critic.

Just some thoughts to pass along. If it's not helpful, hold your criticism!

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