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Someday, But Not Now

So my 3 1/2 year old grandson says to me a few days ago, "G-pa, I want to drive your car. Can I?"

I replied, "Little buddy, you need a license to drive a car. When you're old enough to get a license, you can drive."

A few minutes later he came into the room with a driver's license in his shirt pocket, (which he'd gotten out of my wallet), and my keys in his hand, and he said, "I've got a license now, let's go...and you and Gram can sit in the back seat."

Guess what? He was dead serious! He needed a license; now he HAD one.

I hated to burst his bubble, but an additional conversation ensued. I explained that he had to have his OWN license and he couldn't get that until he passed a test when he was 16.

He said, "How long till I'm 16?" I replied, just 12 more years.

"Okay," he said, "That's not too long." Then he scampered off to play.

I thought to myself, "God withholds a lot of things from us that we're not ready for. We may not understand that, but it's true. I wish I had the simple faith of a child to just scamper off and say, "Okay, Father, you know when I'm ready, so I'll just trust you."

SOMEDAY...but not now. I'd say those are among the hardest words to understand and accept...unless you KNOW how much He loves you...and that's more than you can imagine, friend...much more.

Blessings to you. He loves you too much to give you the keys right now. Someday, but not now.


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