The Death of a Dream

I once heard a pastor give a talk entitled, "The Death of a Dream." He suggested that sometimes God has to shatter our dreams so that He can rebuild them in a way that's best for us. When I heard that about thirty years ago, I thought it was somewhat silly. It wasn't the image of God I wanted to have.

Then I experienced the death of some dreams. I learned an important lesson: When you don't have anywhere else to run, you can always run to God, and He will be enough. I never would've learned that without suffering, pain and confusion. I never would've understood abundance without knowing scarcity. I never would've discovered true joy without enduring the dark night of the soul.

Do you understand why dreams have to be shattered? Because when there's no pain, there's no real dependence on the Father. As long as life works splendidly, we'll take all the credit and give very little credit to God. Larry Crabb put it like this, "When life doesn't work, when the dreams are shattered to the point where there's nothing left we can manage, where our powers, our talents, our abilities and all the things that people admire about us are no longer enough to win the day, when you realize as you raise your kids that all the ways you've tried to be the best parent in the world aren't going to do it. It requires the power of God, and then you realize the power of God is in me. How does it get out? Shattered dreams."

Here's the point: God often releases our greatest potential through our deepest disappointment. He teaches us how to soar when we can barely find the strength to take another step. We don't grow strong through leisure, or though a life with no challenges. It just doesn't happen.

The most tender thing in the world is a kiss. We kiss someone we love. Somehow that simple act makes us understand the things that matter most. I have a suggestion for you today: Kiss your pain. You'll feel the Father's arms around you. Hope will be rekindled. You'll discover new purpose. Things like that happen, after the death of a dream.

Embrace it all. Learn what needs to be learned. Be strong. Smile through the tears. There's more for you, dear one, much more.

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