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There's something unique about mothers. They all seem to have eyes in the back of their head, along with a sixth sense of some sort. They all say similar things too, like...

1. "I'm just doing this because I love you." 2." Don't believe everything you hear." 3. "I'll treat you like an adult when you start acting like one." 4. "This is the last time I will tell you. One...two...three!" 5. "Just wait till you have children of your own!" and many more.

Not only do moms speak the same language, they have some of the same emotional qualities too: inquisitiveness, tenderness, intuition, sympathy, compassion--few things are more powerful than the tears of a mother--or more healing than a mother's hug.

I've always been fascinated by Mary, the mother of Jesus. God could've chosen anyone in the world for that task, but he chose a teenage girl from a no-name town, who was uneducated and poor. Why? I'd suggest four reasons:

First, he knew she would be OBEDIENT. When the angel appeared and told her she would bear a son miraculously, her response was "May it be to me as you have said." Never mind the scandal of it all. No one believed in virgin births then or now. Never mind the ostracizing that would take place in her tiny hometown. Her simple, but remarkable response, was obedience and submission. Mom's who take God at His word, even today, are to be highly esteemed.

Secondly, Mary was a PONDERER. The Bible says, "She pondered all these things in her heart." The greek word can mean, "to battle with," or "to wrestle with." Every mother in the world knows what it's like to wrestle with thoughts and emotions regarding her children. No one knows the inner turmoil that comes with motherhood; it's just ingrained in them to worry, fret, and agonize over their children, be they 7 or 27, or difference. God knew it wouldn't be easy to raise this Child, and he needed a fighter, a ponderer, someone willing to be Mary.

With pondering...comes PRAYER. Mom's who pray for their kids are gifts from God. The poet wrote, "You may have tangible wealth untold; baskets of jewels and coffers of gold, but richer than I, you can never be...for I had a mother who prayed for me " Billy Sunday used to say, "All Hell cannot tear a boy or girl away from a praying mother." Some of you who are reading this right now are proof of that. I've met scores of people who are. Praying moms, and praying grandmothers, change the world.

And then, the fourth thing I think about when I consider Mary is her LOYALTY. The prophet Simeon told her, "A sword shall pierce your soul, Mary." Wow. I wonder how many times that happened? Did it happen when Jesus brothers turned against him early in his ministry? (Jn. 7:5) Not a mother alive enjoys seeing her children at odds with one another. Or was it when He was lost for three days at the age of twelve? (Lk. 2:45-46) The terror of that experience certainly pierced her heart too. But the Cross...watching your boy die a horrific death...THAT was the worst. Most all the disciples had fled, but not Mary. It takes more than a crucifixion to destroy a mother's love.

The last mention of Mary in the Bible is in Acts 1:14, "They all joined together in prayer, along with the women, and Mary, and the brothers of Jesus." Her family is united now. The brothers who'd turned their backs on Jesus have now turned their hearts toward Him. The mother who witnessed the horror of His crucifixion, has now witnessed the glory of His resurrection...and this mother who so loved her still faithful and loyal...more than thirty years since the angel visited her and said, "Mary, you will be the mother of the Messiah."

Here's the message I have for you, moms: Never stop being you...and never give up on the dreams and ponderings you have for your children. Despite what the enemy may throw at you, and despite the things your kids choose to be and do, DON'T quit. You may go to your grave wondering if your prayers will ever be answered...but pray anyway...and be faithful. We need your faithfulness. The world needs your faithfulness. There's no one like you, moms, no one. You are unique. Your are beautiful. YOU, dear ones...are a gift from God.

Happy Mother's Day

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