If Christmas Trees Could Talk

If a Christmas tree could talk it might say... "I’m so grateful to be here. People around me are so joyful. I love that! What’s that amazing aroma coming from the oven? These little kids are just adorable. The sweaters are so funny! I hope that little two-year-old comes over and pulls on my branches. I wish I could drink that cup of hot cocoa. If I had hands and a mouth I’d wolf down that fudge. Laughter is even better than music. I remember that movie from last year, and the year before, and the year before. Smiles are priceless. I love it when people hug each other. Mistletoe! *wink, wink.

Giving is such a wonderful blessing. I love making people happy. I’ll see you again next year, God willing. Peace on earth, good will toward men. By the way, Never forget the tree that Jesus died on. He loves you so much.

The house is quiet now. The lights are off, what a wonderful day I’ve had. I love Christmas, don't you?!"

Merry Christmas friends!

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