On The Other Side of Easter

Well, the churches are back to their "regular" attendance. The chocolate eggs and marshmallow rabbits we employed to celebrate the most important event in human history have been discounted 75% or more at Walmart and Target. All the decorations are gone and family gatherings are over. So what's left? Permit me to share a short list.

1. Death is STILL powerless. It can steal only the body, but not the soul and spirit. Those parts of us will live forever. They may be damaged, but they can and will endure forever.

2. God's love is constant. It doesn't just flow on Christmas and Easter; it's a daily thing. Have you experienced His continuing presence? Really, it beats all the holidays combined.

3. Hope endures. We can face anything as long as there's hope. It's my favorite fringe benefit from knowing God. Hope is everything. It makes it possible to smile today, when we think about tomorrow.

4. People still need love. Rather than wait for someone else to do that job, why not move it to the top of YOUR "to do" list. Imagine if all of us made loving others a daily, intentional goal. Don't you think God would send people our way who just need a touch, a kindness expressed, a listening ear? What if those goals were at the top of our bucket list? It would change you forever, friend, and it would change the world. Too many of us are content with what is not life at all.

5. He's coming again. If you believe He came the first time, then you KNOW He's coming a second time. Why? Because He promised it. Someday the Father will say, "Gabriel, blow your horn, Son, mount your horse. It's time. On what a day that will be! No more tears. No more long walks away from fresh graves. No more stillborn babies or miscarriages. No more medicines or surgeries. No more long, lonely nights. No more hungry children. No more human trafficking. No more porn. No more pompous, disrespectful and dishonest leaders. No more injustice, war, racism, discrimination, abuse. No more anxiety, fear, shame, or thoughts that we're not enough. No more empty longings or broken dreams.

The King of truth IS coming. The Bright and Morning Star is already shining. Only a few more clouds and storms and what we long for will become real. Real joy. Real celebration. Real love. Real victory. We'll be reunited with our Creator forever. No more churches or denominations. No more hypocrisy. No more scandals. No more false prophets. No more lack of integrity. And worship? Well, it will be pure and without pretense for eternity.

Do you believe it, friend? Listen, what we believe determines how we think, and what we think determines how we behave. Want to change your life? Change your thoughts. Want to feel like you know God? Start a love relationship with Jesus, then get to know the Holy Spirit, every believer's very best friend. He's a piece of God in your heart. Let Him grow. Let Him lead. Freedom comes through surrender.

We don't have to wait till we get to Heaven to celebrate, friends, and we certainly don't have to wait till next Easter. The message of Easter is a 24/7 365 thing! The Lord over death is now the Lord of life. Is He Lord of YOUR life? If there's anyway I could tell you how wonderful He truly is, I would. Hmmm, maybe I just did.


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